Guaranteed Payday Loans from Direct Lenders Only

Guaranteed Payday Loans from Direct Lenders Only
  • NO CREDIT CHECK Loans Direct Lenders
Last Updated 19.06.2024

Online payday loans direct lenders are the best choice when you have an urgent requirement. These are short-term loans that are easily available online, mostly within the same day with instant decision and deposit. So the times of worry and uncertainty are gone. No urgent requirements needing a few extra cash can make you uncomfortable. Be it car maintenance, sudden sickness, a concert, or a party, meeting your requirements is possible with an online credit.

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And while instant loans are only a Google search away, finding a lender is a better alternative to online matching services. Because even though you don’t get options with the lenders, what you get is much more precious for advance credit. That is speed and transparency. You have little time, and lenders don’t let you waste any.

What Do You Mean By Direct Lender Payday Loan?

When you do an online search for online payday loans direct lenders, you find many sites on the internet. And it is difficult for a common person to understand the difference between the sites. The search results you find comprise mainly two types of organizations. One is online matching services, and the other is a lender. While both of the sites look similar initially and require you to fill and submit an application form, the result that you get post the submission is different.

While the lenders send you an instant approval for payday loans in 1 hour, the online match services contact you with quotations from different lenders available for you. It makes the process unnecessarily lengthy. However, with lenders, your emergency requirement gets priority service. The number of steps that you need to take for the payday loans direct lender deposit is lesser and rather only a few. It assures a smooth experience that you may not be able to enjoy elsewhere.

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How Are Online Payday Loans Direct Lenders Different from Other Types?

As known to the people, the direct lender payday loan is not the only type of borrowing service existing in the financial world; however, most preferred. And there are definitely good reasons for it to be so. For starters, every other type, be it short-term or long-term, personal loans, business, car, education, house, or even secured or unsecured, the processing time is very long. The very first step of application submission itself takes days to complete because of the long list of requirements one has to meet. And then there is the loan approval that again takes days to come.

However, online payday loans direct lenders are not like that. The entire process completes within 24 hours, including the cash deposit. There is no requirement of collateral for security and instead only proof of employment works. Getting payday loans online is easier than even asking your employer for a cash advance against your next paycheck. Because, unlike other lenders and employers, a lender does not even ask you the reason you want the cash.

What Are the Advantages of Online Payday Loans Direct Lenders?

Online loans in themselves look extremely attractive because of all the advantages it offers. However, with the wrong institution, the expected experience may seem to vary. The reason is the different types of lenders. Getting direct lenders for installment loans has its own set of advantages that you should know.

  • TransparencyOnline cash advance direct lenders can give you the exact rates and terms that they work with, in contrast to loan-matching services, which keep everything vague.
  • Fast – Payday loans from direct lenders mean that your application reaches the exact place it should in the first go, instead of going through a series of third parties. It makes the processing time real quick, making it possible for lenders to promise guaranteed approval in 1 hour and deposit in 24 hours.
  • High Acceptance – Lenders, unlike matching services, have a higher acceptance rate because they do not care about poor credit scores. Applying on their website allows the company to take all the necessary documents directly and complete the verification process quickly.
  • Privacy – When you are going through lender matching consultants, you are required to fill in the same application form that you fill for online payday loans direct lenders. But the difference is that your personal information, in this case, revolves around many places. However, with lenders, the data of the consumers are kept secured and not circulated elsewhere without your permission.
  • State License – Many states in the US have banned payday loans direct lender. Going through lenders saves you from being cheated by frauds because you associate with a licensed financial organization working around the country. However, if you go through other sources, you may not know the reputation of the company you are getting the credit from and get connected with frauds.

What Information Should You Consider While Choosing a Payday Loans Direct Lender?

Do not get overwhelmed with the advantages of advance cash. While the instant cash advance themselves may feel like a problem solver to you, the lender has a huge role to play in the experience. The reason why it is important for every borrower to check a few things about the payday loans direct lender before taking a cash advance from them.

  • Application Process – Find out the number of steps needed to get the loan. The shorter the number the faster and more seamless the process.
  • Requirements – Look around the list of requirements to see if you match all of them before applying.
  • License – It is one of the most important things to see and also the reputation. The unlicensed lenders are frauds and can charge you larger interest rates than capped by the government illegally.
  • Variety – A payday loans direct lender offers varied financial lending products for different purposes. So even if a direct lender payday loan cannot satisfy your requirement, you can opt for other financial borrowing plans that suit your requirement. Considering the restrictions on the loan amount and payback date, the other options that also come with the option to pay back in small installments can be beneficial for you.
  • Fee – Each state government has a law that caps the interest rates on payday loans direct lender, also known as the APR. Lenders can be competitive and have different interest rates to attract more borrowers. Always confirm the APR or interest rates before taking the loan not to get a shock at the time of payback.
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Select Your Loan Amount
Select Your Loan Amount

What Are The Steps to Apply for Direct Lender Payday Loan?

One of the highlights of faxless online payday loans direct lenders is the simple steps that one needs to follow to get some cash advance. It is hardly a few steps and takes less than a few minutes to complete.

  1. Apply – Click on the apply button at the top of the payday loans direct lender website to find the application form. Fill it up and submit.
  2. Upload Documents – Scan the required documents and upload them on the website. You can even use your mobile phone to complete the process.
  3. Instant Approval – It takes only an hour to get the approval on your email id with the payday loans direct lender papers. Read through the lines and sign it before sending it back to the lender online.
  4. Instant Deposit – Get the money deposited within 24 hours to your bank account.

What Are the Requirements of a Payday Loans Direct Lender?

Besides the simple steps, payday loans direct lender make it further easy for the applicants to borrow instant cash by keeping the list of requirements basic. Most of the things required are nowadays saved on your phone or are accessible, which makes applying over a phone for a cash advance very much possible at any time.

  • Minimum age – 18
  • US citizenship
  • Full time employment
  • Meet the required loan to salary ratio
  • Government issued photo id proof
  • Active bank account
  • Paychecks of last 3 months

Why Is YourLoans the Best Choice for a Direct Lender Payday Loan?

If you are looking for the advantages of payday loans direct lender, then YourLoans is your answer. Because besides all the common benefits that come with instant credit, the legitimate organization adds value to the experience that makes everything so much better. Borrowed extra cash becomes a requirement at the time of your need. And the lender absolutely understands that and thus gives you as a customer top priority by giving you the following:

  • No Credit Check – It’s a 2nd chance at getting cash advance for everyone with bad credit score.
  • Easy Approval – The identity and employment verification is done quickly.
  • No Third Party
  • Instant Deposit
  • The Shortest Application Form
  • 24/7 Help
  • Clear & Transparent Direct Lender Payday Loan Policies
YourLoans LLC
YourLoans LLC
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Applying does NOT affect your FICO® score!
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